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Our Organization

Our organization S.A.V.E (Special Assistance for Veterans Endeavors) specializes in assisting veterans with Dept of VA claims, Transition Assistance and helping those who suffer with PTSD. We are a non profit 501c(3) charity that wants to empower Veterans by asssisting them with obtaining the resources needed to succeed.

Our Mission Statement

Toprovide assistance to Veterans who are transitioning from Active Duty, thosewho are in need of assistance with establishing disability claims through theDepartment of Veterans Affairs, or helping those in need during times offinancial hardship.

Our Vision

Tobecome a world-class resource to Veterans who are in need of transitionassistance or those who are in need of a hand-up through financial means or throughassistance with claims when dealing with the VA.


Transparency- The only way to foster a healthy environment built on trust is to remain above reproach when dealing with funds entrusted to the foundation to assist in our efforts to help others.                
Honesty-Say what you mean and mean what you say. Knowing that one can take the word of any member of the foundation, this will position us to provide essential services and assistance to those in need.                
Integrity-In working with the VA, each member of the team will not misrepresent a client to the VA or through other services rendered. If we cannot do what is needed,then that will be conveyed to all parties involved.                
Service to others- We are a group of people with a desire to help those who have served America. It is our intention to assist clients to the best of our ability or be able to find resources that can satisfy the requirement, if we are not able to.                
Collaboration-We are not the answer to all inquiries or requests for help. Knowing this, we will work with other charities to assist when possible or take on their clients who need our services to assist in their efforts.

Our Team

Lucas Hamrick,
Chief Operations Officer

Recently retired after 20 plus years of serving in the US Army. It is my pleasure to assist Fred with working on this project and I look forward to engaging with those who need assistance in dealing with the VA or transitioning out of the military. Lucas manages the Central Texas region and specializes in managing VA resources such as Vocational Rehabilitation and Deapendant Educational Assistance.

Fred Rendon
Founder & CEO

Everyday was chaotic for me and who ever was around me. I would not want any one in this world to live the life I lived and so many veterans currently live. There is a way to live a life filled with normal joy and peace. It  is my passion for anyone suffering the way I did to lead them to a better life. Fred manages the North Texas region and specializes in the VA claims rebuttals and filing of new claims.

Dillion Rankin

Dillon is the most recent addition to the team. He brings a wealth of experience to the organization and is eager to assist in any way possible. Dillon is a combat Veteran of the Afghanistan campaign and served with the 82nd Airborne INF Division. Dillon serves the South Texas region and specializes in E-commerce and starting small businesses.

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