PTSD Foundation of America

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lately, I have been spending a few hours a day volunteering with the PTSD Foundation of America. I have been helping here and there with whatever needs to get done around the office and to spread the word about the San Antonio branch.

The Thursday evening meetings have helped me significantly by giving me an outlet to express my thoughts about several different events that occurred during deployments. The group setting is a great way to find others who have similar experiences to bond with.

By attending the meetings and talking about what is bothering me, I find a willing ear to listen and in turn, I offer my ability to listen and relate to those who have similar stories that continue to haunt them. I have added a link on the resources page for those who are interested in finding a similar group in your area.

They are in a lot of places throughout the country and can offer what I have been receiving to aid you in your efforts to find an outlet to vent or just meet with friendly folks who are in similar situations. I would suggest having a look to see if it interests you. If help is needed, there is always an open ear around the corner.

Best, Lucas